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About Us

Mission & Vision

The Riyo Raac Foundation (RRF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting those in need. We work to provide food, water, shelter, and education to orphans and poor families globally.


We also offer sponsorships to help cover the costs of college and high school education for students who may not be able to afford it otherwise. Additionally, we offer micro-financing to those who are poor, destitute or have disabilities, in order to help them improve their circumstances and achieve greater financial stability.


Our mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate and help to alleviate poverty and suffering.

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RR Foundation works with other organizations to provide support to orphans the poor, the destitute, and individuals with disabilities, including the deaf, blind, and physically or mentally disabled.

Disease Prevention

RRF Provides education and information to the public about the prevention and control of infectious diseases. The organization also provides nursing & vaccination services

Drought Reliefe

RRF initiates and funds the construction of wells and water dams in the village of Somaliland to provide drought relief and water distribution to many different villages.


The organization also provides education by supporting orphanages and providing teachers, caregivers, and scholarships to orphans to attend American schools.

Anab Ali
Anab Mohamoud Ali, Founder of Riyo Raac Foundation

Meet The Founder

Anab Mohamoud Ali

WHO WHO Anab Mohamoud Ali is founder of Riyo Raac Foundation
(RRF) She a Registered Nurse, RN, BSN. She is a well-respected philanthropist who has dedicated her career to helping those in need. Anab is the founder and financial supporter of several orphanage centers in Somalia and Somaliland which she has been supporting since its founding 2012 and added several more centers. She is the co-founder and the chairwoman of the Somaliland Strategic Advisory Group (SL-SAG), an advocacy group that works to improve the status of the Somaliland status around the world. In addition to the above, Anab is also the chairwoman of the North American Somali Women's Association (NASWA) based in the United States of American. NASWA provides services to the immigrant community, women, as well as assistance to the elderly and disabled population.

WHERE Anab has lives in the United States for most of her adult life and has worked for the Federal Government and ran a successful skilled home healthcare corporation from 2007 to 2022. She is currently a healthcare consultant and the President of Riyo Raac Foundation, a charitable organization that provides funding for food, water, shelter, and education to over 300 orphans in Somalia and Somaliland, remittance for many poor families and micro financing. The organization also offers scholarships for orphaned children who cannot afford their education. Through RRF, she works to improve the lives of those in need throughout initiatives such as digging water wells and providing monthly support to families who are struggling to meet their basic needs.

WHAT Anab is actively involved in her community and has served on the Loudoun County School Board Committee for Minority Students and as a volunteer nurse for the Adams Compassionate Healthcare Network. She is also a member of the Ameen Business Network (ABN) and Virginia Majority Housing Justice and is actively involved in the Somaliland-American Healthcare Association (SAHA) in the United States. Throughout her career, Anab has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of those in need and make a positive impact on her community. She is a member of ADAMS civic engagement group for community engagement.

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Anab Mohamoud Ali

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