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Serving with love and compassion

Millions of families and orphans need your help globally. Help us provide them with enough to survive. 

Riyo Raac Foundation

Riyo Raac Foundation has been providing humanitarian and social services to the community for several years. We have a strong track record of supporting those in need, both locally and internationally, and are committed to helping the less fortunate. As a 501c(3) organization, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

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Since our inception, Riyo Raac has been a beacon of hope, touching the lives of countless individuals especially orphaned childern  in need. With your continued support, we've been able to extend our reach and impact across borders, providing essential services to orphans and other  vulnerable communities.

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Social Services

RRF is an umbrella organization working on various projects including supporting orphan care centers, digging water wells in drought-stricken areas, and providing infection control items and medical equipment to medical centers. Currently, RRF is supporting the Buuhodleh and Wadaamo Go orphan centers, providing masks and hand sanitizer, and sending medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, and shower chairs to improve patient care.


RR Foundation works with other organizations to provide support to orphans the poor, the destitute, and individuals with disabilities, including the deaf, blind, and physically or mentally disabled.

Disease Prevention

RRF Provides education and information to the public about the prevention and control of infectious diseases. The organization also provides nursing & vaccination services

Drought Reliefe

RRF initiates and funds the construction of wells and water dams in the village of Somaliland to provide drought relief and water distribution to many different villages.


The organization also provides education by supporting orphanages and providing teachers, caregivers, and scholarships to orphans to attend American schools.


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Orphan Cares

Provide food, clothing, shelter, and educational assistance to orphans in a safe and nurturing environment to help them become self-sufficient. Many children in Somalia have lost their parents due to civil war and political instability and struggle with hunger, loneliness, and fear on a daily basis.

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Closed Prayer Book

The Quran 02:83

“Be good to Orphans and the needy, speak nicely to people, and help the poor”

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